Grace Villa Mission
Grace Villa Vision
Grace Villa Values
Grace Villa Philosophy
Code of Ethics

45 Lockton Crescent
Hamilton, Ontario
L8V 4V5
Tel: (905) 387-4812
Fax: (905) 387-4814

Grace Villa is a 184-bed Long Term Care Home situated on the east mountain in Hamilton, Ontario. Grace Villa is easily accessible from the LINC.

  • Owned by the Schuller Family and operated by APANS Health Services of London, Ontario.
  • Accredited by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.
  • 3 year Accreditation received by CARF Canada (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).
  • We offer specialized care areas which meet the needs of most seniors.

We offer health care in a home-like setting that caters to the individual needs of each resident. For a TOUR – contact us at the number listed above or click here.

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Grace Villa Mission


With integrity and pride, we provide individualized quality care in community encompassing respect, dignity and friendship

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Grace Villa Vision

At Grace Villa, we strive to meet the needs and enrich the lives of the residents we serve. We are a thriving community of professionals dedicated to creating an environment of care and respect. We honour the residents desire to maintain their dignity and be as independent as possible.

We strive to provide the highest standard of quality and person centered care for our residents in our friendly, warm and home-like atmosphere.

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Grace Villa Values


G                      Genuine

R                      Respect

A                      Accountability

C                      Compassion

E                      Excellence

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Grace Villa Philosophy

In order to provide the highest standard of programs and services for our residents we believe the following:

  • That each of our residents is entitled to care that recognizes and attempts to meet each individual’s physical, psychological, social, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • That care, as required should be directed towards each individual’s needs, taking into account previous life style and resident’s right to independence and self-determination for as long as possible.
  • That care and services provided should be delivered by an interdisciplinary team of qualified and caring individuals, comprised of staff, families, volunteers and community partners.
  • That residents and families, friends and/or significant others should be actively involved in decisions which affect them.
  • That meaningful community ties are essential to each individual’s quality of life.
  • That community, social and spiritual groups further enhance opportunities for community contact.
  • That residents/families have choices related to end of life and the right to specify their preferences through advanced care directives, and that we offer support and comfort through palliative care.
  • That the individual needs of staff must be recognized with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Pride, satisfaction, accountability and loyalty are promoted.
  • That a unique wellness program will provide all staff with a healthy, safe and enjoyable working environment.
  • That fiscal and human resources are to be utilized effectively to support the mission statement, goals and objectives of the APANS and Grace Villa.
  • That educational opportunities are provided for residents, families and volunteers.
  • That Grace Villa will be available for student placements and training programs.
  • That Grace Villa participates in research opportunities to improve quality of life for our residents and our community.
  • That Grace Villa is committed to providing a safe environment for our residents, families, staff, volunteers and visitors.
  • That Grace Villa seeks to improve the safety of our residents, families, staff, volunteers and visitors by responding non-judgmentally to errors or omissions in the safe care of our residents

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Code of Ethics

Thumbnail image of APANS Code of Ethics

To review our comprehensive ethical commitments, please download a copy of the PDF icon APANS Code of Ethics.

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We are a compassionate team committed to providing exceptional resident-centered care. We provide an extended family atmosphere in a peaceful rural setting.