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Grace Villa offers many different styles of activity programs in order to better suit the needs of the residents. The activity department strives to provide high quality programs to meet social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of all residents in order to maintain their quality of life.


The physical programs we offer enhance independence in activities of daily living, which include personal care, feeding and mobility. On many occasions you can find the residents engaged in activities such as bowling, Shulebok, exercises and, if weather permits, gardening in our secured outdoor patio.


The social programs we offer at Grace Villa give the residents a chance to get to know one another. Examples of such activities are social tea, picnics, birthday parties. Community outings are also very popular as it allows the residents to get out and enjoy what the community has to offer.

Other programs that Grace Villa has to offer are targeted to help enhance and maintain abilities such as problem solving and self expression. These cognitive skills are important because they help your loved one express themselves, orient them to their surroundings and help them to continue to make decisions.

A variety of programs are offered seven days a week and come in many different forms both within the facility and the community. Residents are encouraged to participate in programs of their choice. Family members are always welcome to join activities.

If a resident cannot speak English there may be a staff member who can assist with communication but not always possible. In that case we will assist in looking for a volunteer.

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Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop at Grace Villa is run and operated by our dedicated Volunteer Association. The Tuck Shop offers a variety of items at a low cost to residents, staff and families. The Tuck Shop is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The proceeds from sales go back to the residents! When the Tuck Shop is closed, we have on-site vending machines where coffee, hot chocolate, tea, chocolate bars, chips, candy and pop are available.

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Room Bookings

Grace Villa has a number of areas available for special family functions:


Activity Room

Located on the first floor, the Activity Room can easily accommodate over 60 people for special events. A kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, toaster oven, sink and cups and saucers, etc. adjoins this room.


East Wing Lounges

Located on the second and third floors, these rooms can also be booked for smaller events. They will accommodate about 15 people.


Oak Chapel

This room, also located on the first floor, is separate from other areas of the home. It can be booked when not in use for services. It has a sink. It can accommodate about 30 for a dinner and more for a drop in.

To book any of these rooms, please email the Program Director, or call her at (905) 387-4812.

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Housekeeping & Laundry

Regular housekeeping and maintenance duties are carried out in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations to ensure that the resident’s environment is clean and safe. There is a maintenance request book located at the nursing station on each floor.


Please ensure that clothing is washable and will tolerate the heat of the dryer. Laundry is provided, including labeling, machine washing and drying of personal clothing. Ironing services are not provided.

All clothing will be labelled by the home at the time of admission. New items brought into the resident should be taken to the desk, where the charge nurse will have them labelled appropriately prior to the resident wearing the new items.

If families choose to be responsible for a residents’ regular laundry, we ask that they notify the charge nurse and provide a laundry hamper in the resident’s room. A sign will be posted in the resident’s room indicating that laundry is being done by the family. Soiled clothing, for infection control reasons, must be laundered regularly. Impermeable laundry bags are available at the nursing home which help to control odour. Please see the Administrator.

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The Hairdressing Salon is open for appointment Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For special occasions or Saturday appointments, please call Prudence and arrange an appointment time.

  • Billing for hairdressing is added to the monthly statement.

Services offered include:

Women’s Services
Cut $12.00
Set and Wash $17.50
Set only $15.00
Perm with Cut $55.00
Perm with Cut and Style $65.00
Vitamin E $3.00
Shampoo $3.00
Blow Dry $5.00
Hot Oil Treatment $4.00
Eyebrow Shaping $7.50
Salon Colour (cut and style charges extra) $25.00
Full Manicure (includes polish) $12.00
Scalp Treatment (for dandruff) $10.00


Men’s Services
Cut including eyebrow and ear hair trimming $15.00

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Spiritual Care


Grace Villa Chapel

The Grace Villa Oak Chapel is a place of reverence – a place of comfort and peace. Many services are held within the Chapel on a monthly basis. Please see the monthly recreation calendar for dates and times of services.

Memorial Services are held three times a year in the Activity Room when past residents are remembered by our residents and their families. Grace Villa has an extensive collection of Memorial Windows placed in loving memory of residents that have passed away.



Grace Villa will:

  • Provide for the spiritual needs of every resident through a variety of religious programs, counselling and one-to-one visitation
  • Assess resident spiritual needs upon admission, at the time of illness and throughout the death and dying process
  • Provide memorial services as needed to assist residents through the grieving process
  • Provide spiritual counselling to each resident, family and staff as required

We have Pastoral Care Co-ordinators, Ellen and Lloyd Boone, on staff to assist with our Spiritual Program.

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Residents’ Council

Residents’ Council is a group of residents who meet monthly to discuss pertinent issues related to the home. The residents are encouraged to attend meetings and discuss ideas and concerns. They are also encouraged to represent their peers when voicing opinions. The Residents’ Council is established to provide a strong line of communication between the residents and Administration with the hope of achieving many goals and providing suggestions on improving the quality of care.

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We are a compassionate team committed to providing exceptional resident-centered care. We provide an extended family atmosphere in a peaceful rural setting.